Helpful tips on how to remove pubic hair and the newest hairstyles

One of the most essential aspects of good grooming is in knowing how to remove pubic hair. Every woman dreams of wearing those skimpy bikinis that are in style nowadays. Pubic hairs are a no-no for bikini wearers. The pubic area must not have strands of pubic hair. It must be free from unwanted hair. Two-piece bikinis of different sizes and shapes are in the stores nowadays. A classic string bikini, thong, boxer type, full panties, name it the lower part of bikinis are very exciting.  Woman of all sizes have to wear bikinis at one point in her life. Some of these bikini panties are so teeny- weenie, as the old song played on the radio says, Removing pubic hairs are very discomforting and oftentimes embarrassing. There are pubic hairstyles that are possible, although a most common one is the Bermuda triangle. This is one way on how to remove pubic hair. It is shaped in a triangle as the name implies. It can be done thru trimming. It is called the classic cut.

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Get Your Betty Ready

A report from KTLA Los Angeles channel on the new pubic hair styles fashion

Pubic hair – ask Andy

A cute video from the “ask andy” youtube channel. This time the question is about pubic hair shaving

How to deal with pubic hair

An interesting article from wikihow describing in 10 easy steps do deal with your pubic hair maintenance-
from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit
Many teens have issues with pubic hair, especially girls at around the age of 13-14. So ladies, here’s how you can deal with overgrowth.


  1. First of all, clean your pubic area thoroughly daily. If you do not, it is very unhygienic.
  2. See how bad your pubic hair growth actually is. Girls, if it sticks out of your underwear, you need to follow the below steps. If not, don’t shave! If you keep shaving and shaving, you will develop painful ingrown hair, and your hair may grow back thicker than it was before.
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Books that can help you with your pubic hairstyling

Here are two books that I think you’ll find useful, and also they are very cheap on (click on the image to buy it on amazon). The first one will guide you through different types of pubic hairstyles and the second one will help you get the perfect Brazilian wax-

Hip Snips

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