Pubic Hairstyles Using a Tattoo in the Pubic Area

Some pubic hairstyles require removing all of the pubic hair and replacing it with a tattoo in the pubic area. Genital tattooing is a pubic art form that capitalizes on the popularity of the tattoo to add color and have a wider range of designs for the pubic area.

Although the tattoo has experienced a huge surge in popularity, especially among young people, a tattoo in the pubic area is still rather rare. Among other reasons, a tattoo in the pubic area is not a service that is readily available because many tattoo artists refuse to place tattoos there. The penis shaft and head, the scrotum, the outer labia and almost any part of the genital area can be tattooed.

The reason for having genitals tattooed is the same as that for having tattoos in other parts of the body. Women and men are known to have a tattoo in the pubic area but the latter are more adventurous when it comes to this form of body art. Among the various designs that are available, men often incorporate the penis as part of the design to give it more dimension and impact. Women also sport pubic hairstyles using a tattoo with a design that builds the shape of the vulva into the image. Some even have part of the anal region tattooed as a continuation of the design in the genital area.

For a woman getting a tattoo in the pubic area, the area has to be shaved. Normally, this is part of the tattoo artist’s job, but many women prefer to do it themselves before getting a tattoo. After a tattoo job, however, it will not be possible to shave for several weeks. The hair growth will not damage the tattoo but it may be an uncomfortable time before the area can be shaved. When a man wants to have a tattoo in the pubic area, the penis does not have to be erect but it must be stretched taut. It is usually easier for a tattoo artist to work on the genitals of a woman because a man’s penis reacts to touch. An experienced tattoo artist will have worked out his or her own method of keeping the penis tight and in the right shape so it does not interfere with the tattoo job.

Getting a tattoo in the pubic area can be a daring decision for most people and will probably take them to the limits of experimenting with pubic hairstyles as a form of self expression.

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