Shaving Pubic area – The Right Way And Without Hurting Yourself

This article will teach you the tips and tricks on how to remove your pubic hair the easiest way. Anyway, pubic hair starts to grow as soon as you reach your puberty years. This is where you start to have unwanted hair strands on your under arms, legs, face, chest and groins which is more common for males. To give you brief information about the history of pubic hair shaving, this method of cleaning oneself has been a practice for quite some time already. In fact women who work as prostitutes in the year 1915 onwards do this due to hygienic purposes and to distinguish them by their profession.

I will focus on the ways to shaving  pubic area for women. If this is your first time to do it, expect that you will need to be a little bit patient for it is not as easy as doing it with your legs and underarms because the area is prone to lacerations from the blade and the hair is thicker than the ones you have on your legs or underarms. Also, if you do it the improper way, aside from lacerating that area, you might end up having ingrown hair or nicks.

The first thing that you have to know is – you cannot do the job quick. You need at least 30 minutes depending on the thickness of the hair to finish shaving your pubic area. Give it a trim before using your razor. Make it at least half an inch long to make it easier for you to shave. Use a good unscented shaving cream and never use soap or worst – shampoo. Shaving creams are the best because aside from giving you a smooth glide with your razor, the area will also be moisturized. Speaking of razor, never use a cheap one. Get something that can reach different angles and the ones with double blades.

When stroking your razor, be sure to follow the opposite growth of your hair. Shaving  pubic area too many times may result to redness, rashes and razor burn that is why you have to do your strokes 1-2 times per area.  Remember to wash your razor every 3 strokes or less to avoid clogging of hair.

After removing the unwanted hair, take a hot shower bath which will allow your hair follicles to relax. Take a washcloth and rub it against the area which will help remove dead skin cells to make the area smooth and soft.

Never try to do this during your period because your skin is much more sensitive during this time. You can also use a vaginal protector while removing the hair – to protect any cuts on your outer vulva. IF you don’t have this tool, you can always use a pocket mirror to help you see everything from underneath.

Doing this is actually a personal choice. You can do it the traditional way by removing everything or you can go daring by doing different styles and designs.

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