The Different Ways of Pubic Hairstyling

Many people will still cringe to the subject of pubic hairstyling. Even if it may look like taboo to some, a lot people nowadays are trimming and shaving their pubic areas for a variety of reasons: women occasionally do pubic hair trimming when they tend to use a bikini; some men, for one reason or another also do this when they use a speedo. On normal circumstances, people who shave their pubic hairs as part of their grooming regimen. Some of us may tend to forget to trim our pubic hair which will result to irritation and infection. Pubic hair styling is just a part of a radical fad concerning both fashion and hygiene. Even though pubic hair is not necessarily visible and it come then become a private predicament, styling your pubic hair is one way of expressing one’s self and there is no harm in that whatsoever.

Today, there are different ways regarding pubic hairstyles; using traditional scissors and shavers is the most widely used since it can be done right in your own home with the benefits of practicality and ease of maintenance. Professional aids offered by some salons are also available to those needing a more elaborate trim and intricate design.

But as far as pubic hairstyling and removing is concerned, waxing is the best approach: it can provide the overall care, style and elimination of pubic hair but it can be expensive and painful. There are also online manuals and articles that provide basic procedures and do it yourself instructions to those who are willing to try pubic hairstyling. Of course, as a standardized protocol, it is best to do some research and read some write ups about pubic hairstyling. It is safe to say that this fashion statement is not for everyone; skin irritations, itchiness and hair friction can occur to those with sensitive skin.

First timers are advised to read about pubic hairstyling via online or to those who are currently enjoying the benefits. Again, pubic hairstyling is not for everyone. As a starter, doing a little research will give them a concise background on what to expect, the advantages and disadvantages and a whole lot more. With this, they will also be able to get a glimpse of the different styles of pubic hairstyles, the most popular of which are as follows:

  • Bush style – some coin bush style as natural style because it will involves no trimming and has the least maintenance among the popular styles. The pubic hair is grown out naturally, giving it a “bushy” style.
  • Triangle style – the pubic hair is trimmed or shaved on the edge to produce an inverted triangle look. This will benefit women since the pubic hair will not be visible if they are wearing a bikini or any swimwear.
  • Trimmed – as the name suggests, the pubic hair is shortened to the person’s liking. Trimmed pubic hairs are not shaved or styled in any way.
  • Landing strip – looking more like a Mohawk, the landing strip style is done by shaving most of the pubic hair, leaving only a rectangular, vertical shaped hair on the center of the pubic area. The length and width will entirely depend on the person.

There are still a lot of pubic hairstyles that can be done to the pubic hair. There is the Brazilian wax, wherein the pubic hair is completely removed, leaving only a narrow piece of hair just above the vulva; some dye their pubic hair after styling to conceive a more fashionable look. For those wanting a more eccentric approach, styling the pubic hair in different shapes, initials and the like are the most rampant.  Just like the hairs on our head, the pubic hair can also be versatile when it comes to styling. The possibilities are endless and will only be limited to your imagination.

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